Patrick Kennedy wins an exclusive event of WSOP online 2020

World Series of poker which is online

The ongoing event of the World Series of poker which is online, named Bounty NLH of $840 managed to collect a wholesome amount of one million nine hundred six thousand five hundred only with total entries being registered as 2382. This was held on two mainstream online poker applications named GGPoker and Natural8. Moreover, Maddington aka Patrick Kennedy of the United Kingdom won the tournament by beating five players from the final table. He somehow grabbed himself his first possession of a bracelet whose worth is around $245,448 which happens to also include bounties of the sum of $104,680. This event is popularly known as event#45. 

Pachamama aka Francesco Favia, Pelaguacha aka Franco Spitale, Kaledak aka Joshua Pollock who was also the runner-up, and Abush aka Arie Kliper, these all five players were eliminated by Patrick Kennedy in the pole position of the final table.  However, if we see the hard-luck of Pollock then we get to know that he had to settle for less as he could not manage to beat Patrick Kennedy for the first position so the total amount he got for being a runner-up was $113176.

Interestingly Joshua Kaledak Pollock was aggressively dominated by the winner as he held a chip lead over him but that didn’t shatter the hopes of Pollock he strived forward with equal aggression despite having such a traumatic and hope losing chip deficit that is he had 13, 403, 096 whereas Muddington had 46,146,904. However, the earlier two-time world series of poker winners couldn’t make it through this time and lost it very sooner than expected. The final had favored Kennedy wherein he got pocket jacks and the Pollock got pocket tens which was the turning point of the entire game indeed. 

Let’s talk about various payouts which include the regular price and the bounties

Patrick Kenney player of poker
  1. Maddington aka Patrick Kenney received a total of $245,448 which has $140,768 as of the regular price and $104,680 as of the bounties.
  2. Kaledak aka Joshua Pollock received a total of $113,176 now this sum includes $101,212 as a regular prize and $11964 as the bounties.
  3. Gekko aka Bernardo Dias got a total of $80,303 wherein the regular price was $72,772, and the total bounties amounted to $7,530.
  4. Pelaguacha aka Franco Spitale managed to crack a total of $63,078 with the regular price of $52,324 and the total of bounties as $10,694.  
  5. Chipuker aka Chi Chung Ho got a whopping amount of $40,790 which had $37,621 as regular prize and the bounties were of $3,169 only.
  6. Abush aka Arie Kliper somehow grabbed the figurative amount of $45,139 which includes the regular price of $27,050 and the total bounties of $18,089.
  7. Hoyintai aka Ho Yin Tai grabbed an amount of $34,918 including a regular prize of $19,449 and the bounties of $15,469.
  8. Pachamama aka Francesco Favia got the amount of $29,350 wherein it had $13,984 as a regular prize and the bounties of total $15,366. 

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