“It’s Better to Allocate Money on Kids Than Horse Racing”: Pennsylvania Govt’s New Rule

Pennsylvania Horse Racing News

As the budget for 2021 was released from the government of Pennsylvania, the clear statements regarding horse racing made everyone stunned. Till all these years, horse racing was one of the great attractions to Pennsylvania’s people. Even investors from other countries show interest here. However, everything is going to end now. Because, Pennsylvania’s Governor clearly stated that the money which was expended behind horse racing up to now, would be invested on students’ progress by engaging the college tuition fees.

What Had Tom Wolf Said?

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Pennsylvania Governor Mr. Tom Wolf had represented the latest budget in the first week of February 2021. During the budget presentation with some extreme shocking statements, he gave a surprise. However, the best surprise was for the students. He had put his all concern on mainly 3 topics. Those are:

  • Mr. Tom Wolf introduced and promised to develop the ‘ The Nellie Bly Tuition Program’. But the money which would be used to make this dream successful would be the money that was invested in horse racing. The amount is comparatively high for investing in horse racing. Till now, $199 was used for horse racing progress. From, this year, that money will improve the colleges’ infrastructures and will manage the tuition fees.
  • The Neille By Tuition Program is focused on developing career options for students too. Not only it cares about the college tuition fees but also a full-time investment for the students who are trying to achieve something in higher education. The financial growth of the country is another positive side of it. Later on, with this money improvement of healthcare and career progression will be done, stated by the respected governor.
  • Thirdly, he also said, a country won’t get stronger if its students are going foreign for higher studies. They have all the facilities for higher education however because of investing the money in horse racing, their internal matters are being hampered. To prevent the students’ wills to go outside for higher education, the governor announced the rule.

He also stated that there are a total of 54 shares in all Pennsylvania casinos. Casinos are doing very well and giving good revenue. And 11% of the total share is fixed for horse racing. So, if anyone wants to argue about what anyone chooses, betting on students or betting on horses? He would like to go with the students. So, that 11% of the share will be for students from now on. Again, $34,000 will be the cheapest diploma course for the students in Pennsylvania graduation colleges. They’ll also look after the loan system. A total of 14 universities in the state of Pennsylvania along with the Commonwealth, will be taken under consideration of their Nellie Bly Tuition Program.

Governor’s intention is perfect to build a bright society. However, worse days are coming for horse racing lovers and for the jockeys too. Though the governor had mentioned the government shares only, this is a huge chance private horse racing companies will give a new start. So, let’s hope for the best.

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